Happiness is sleeping…

Catch your


 is a young, fast growing sleep factory, specialised in producing boxspring beds and mattresses. We are located in the north of the Netherlands and distribute as wel for domestic as foreign dealers. These are located in Belgium and Germany.

  • Speed
    We have fast delivery times, next to the production process we also have a large stock.
  • Customized
    We have a broad extensive collection. Therefor the possibilities are endless.
  • Passion
    We love what we do, and we do what we love. Therefor we work with passion.


Mexxbedding team


We have an extensive collection, addressing the latest trends and developments. Both innovation and versatility play an important role. We design a new collection annually, which focuses on color, fabric, quality and design.


Carefully Selected

With vertically-integrated production, Mexxbedding controlls all phases of product development and manufacturing: from choosing a high quality fabrics to assembly and final inspection. Our dedicated and experienced team can respond to the most complex requirements.

  • High assortment of products
  • Correlation of price & quality
  • Unlimited furniture delivery
  • Handmade
  • Made of good wood
  • Dream Product!

Sleep well, live better

This formula is kept in mind for creating all the products and designs. The foundation begins at the bottom and ends as a pyramid at the top. The consumer eventually determines when the pyramid is finished and the ultimate sleeping level is reached: we take you to he mexx level.